24th Regulators & Policy Makers Retreat - Net Zero Mission

8th to 11th Feb 2024 @ Shoonya Farm Retreat, Village Belgundi, Belgaum,


Rough agenda: May change based on availabilty of speakers

Date & Time

Topics of Discussion

Friday, 9th Feb 2024
10.00 to 10.15
Welcome to the 24th RPR
Friday, 9th Feb 2024
10.15 to 11.30
Geopolitics and Energy Security      
●  Emerging geopolitical alliances such as Iran-Saudi Arabia, Saudi-UAE-Israel, Russia-China-North Korea etc undermining energy security and rapid transitions. Impacts of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on global energy markets and international energy security
● Is Economics overtaking religious power? Are people becoming more practical and pragmatic?● Territorial disputes in the South China Sea involve conflicting island and maritime claims in the region by several sovereign states, namely the People's Republic of China (PRC), Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam.
● What significant implications would the deceleration of China's economic growth have on energy markets?
● Integration of Cross-border Energy Transactions in the Indian Subcontinent
11:30 to 13:00
Net Zero Mission, Scaling Renewable and Energy Storage       
●  Net Zero by 2050 – Analysis, current progress and pledges.
●  Opportunities and challenges of scaling and accelerating the deployment of clean energy technologies into the mix
●  Energy storage and its importance in net zero mission
●  Where does storage fit in the Electricity Act 2003? Who will regulate EV, charging stations in the retail sector
●   Electric Vehicles and Electrification of End Uses: Promoting the electrification of various sectors, including transportation, heating, and industrial processes, to replace fossil fuel-based energy sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
14:00 to 15:30
AI to reduce DISCOM loses.        
●  Use of AI & ML in reducing DISCOM losses.
●  The role of Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector: Use cases, solutions & best practices.
15:30 to 16:30
ESG Compliance, RECs, and Carbon Markets·        
●  ESG disclosures in the Indian regulatory space. Are Indian companies ready for mandatory ESG disclosures?
●  Carbon Markets: Who decides the rate of carbon credits? The issues of identifying the market framework for green credits beyond the RECs.
●  Current issues and future of carbon credits & RECs in India and the impact of non-adherence of RPO’s.
●  How will the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Impact Indian Economy and Businesses?
16.30 to 18.00
Uncertainty in the Indian power sector: Moving Goal Posts.         
● Who Holds Greater Significance: CERC and the Ministry of Power or State Regulators? If the Center is Prioritized, Who Assumes Responsibility for Regional Concerns?
● Public Good vs. Private Profit – Consumer Empowerment
● Can DisComs Operate Profitably Under the Costs-Plus Model? What Measures are Required to Improve the Financial Viability of DisComs?
● Are powerful lobbyists influencing policymaking?
● Ensuring a harmonious equilibrium between regulations and markets while also maintaining sufficient private involvement and investment.
Saturady, 10th Feb 2024
10.30 to 11.30
Power Markets and Financing the power sector       
● Power markets: Challenges, design and operations.
● How will General Network Access (GNA) & market coupling impact the power sector?
●  Importance of Derivatives in the power exchange, NSE & BSE and its significance.
11:30 to 12:30
Implication of Delicensing of transmission for captive plants and the impact of Delicensing of generation on the industry.
12.30 to 13:30
Laws and regulations of the Indian power sector.    
● How effective are power regulations in india? The legal challenges      
14.15 – 15:00
Innovations in the power sector. by winners of Innovation Awards
15.00 to 17:30
Advanced technologies in the power sector:     
● What are SMRs? The role of advanced small modular reactors (SMRs) in the power sector and achieving deep decarbonization. Why should the private sector be allowed to set up SMRs in India by amending the Atomic Energy Act & CLND Act?
● A Critical Disconnect: The reasons behind nuclear power exclusion in the energy mix. How can NTPC & other Central PSUs play a major role in the growth of nuclear power in India?
● Policy recommendations for the Govt to enhance nuclear power to at least 100 GW by 2047 and 200 GW by 2070?
● The significance of Electrolyzers, hydrogen fuel cells, and biogas in the energy transition.
● vanced Space technologies in the energy sector.
19.30 to 20:30
IPPAI Power Awards 2024


Mr. V P Raja

Fmr Chairman, MERC

Dr. Pramod Dev

Fmr Chairman, CERC

Mr. Chintan Shah

Ex. Director(Technical), IREDA

Mr. Ajay Shankar

Distinguished Fellow, TERI

Mr. Satyajit Ganguly


Dr. Anil Kakodkar

Indian Physicist

Mr. S K Soonee

Former CEO

Mr. Balawant Joshi

MD, Idam Infrastructure Advisory

Mr. RN Prashar

Former Chairman, HERC

Mr. R Shrikant

Dean, NIAS

Lt. Gen. PJS Pannu

Former Deputy Chief, IDS

Mr. Manoj Vyas

VP - Global Carbon Markets
Maj Gen Ashok Kumar Mehta, 
Mr. Maulana Madani, Indian Islamic Scholar
Col Ajay Singh, Former Army Officer, Author
Mr. Ajay Pratab- Founder, Switchlabs
Mr. Deepak Amitabh
Mr. Sanjay Jog, Senior Journalist
Mr. Awadesh Kumar, MD Quenext
Mohd Roshan, MD HESCOM
Mr. B S Prakash, Head-Corporate Sustainability, BS Group
Mr. Mikhail Dhaul, Director, Energy Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. HL Bajaj, Fmr Chairman,CEA
Mr. V K Garg, Fmr Chairman, JERC
Mr. BB Mehta, Director, OPTCL
Mrs. Diane Mchmohan
Rakesh Nath, Fmr Member APTEL
Mr. Sanjay Sen, Designated Senior Advocate
Mr. Hemant Sahai, Founding Partner HSA Associates
Mr. Navneet Singh, Founder - Kepler Aerospace
Fostering Information Sharing

Our primary intent lies in creating a conduciveenvironment that allows for a free exchange of knowledge, thus cultivating adeeper comprehension of the challenges and potential avenues related to thepower sector and achieving net zero emissions in the power sector

Spotlighting Innovation

We aim to highlight inventive technologies,strategies, and real-world examples that can hasten our shift towards anecologically friendly power generation system.

Crafting Policy Guidelines

We intend to identify applicable policy suggestionsand practical measures to bolster the power sector and its commitment to the netzero mission.

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